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=== Introduction ===

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The Tindremenes are renowned for their history as conquerors. Before the Conflux the Tindremic Empire

dominated large parts of the known world

, with outposts in each and every corner of the realm. Those days of glory are over, but the Tindremenes still regard themselves as the finest and most advanced civilization in the world.

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Society Edit

The Tindremic society uses a complicated caste-system that applies to every man and woman being born or assimilated into the empire, and most people belong to one of the Plebeian castes, meaning workers and crafters etc. At least amongst themselves, the higher castes only consider those with a genuine bloodline to be real Tindremenes. This bloodline, which is claimed to have run in the Tindremic race since they parted from the pre-Sidoian civilization, has to be inherited by having at least one parent who is a part of the Plebeian caste or higher, or by presenting a documented proper ancestry for evaluation.
It falls upon all respectable Tindremenes of Plebeian caste or higher to give their children one or more years of education, often administered by a hired scholar, and the empire has a high degree of literacy. Most Plebeians are also given basic military training, some joining the army for a few years before returning to society.

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