Tindrem Edit

Most scholars agree that the city of Tindrem was built with the assistance of the allied Húergar approximately a thousand years ago. Analyses of the building material’s age confirm that the city has expanded like circles on the water from the majestic fortress Arx Primoris with its great colossi, which is still the home of the emperor. Those parts of the inner city wall that still remain are as ancient as the fortress itself while the aqueduct and the outer city wall seems to have been constructed a few hundred years later, using the same architectural style. The city is divided into several Vicas, or districts, each being governed by a Consul. Almost as famous as the fortress and colossi are the Clerus Magica, the magic academy, and Pharos Maximus, the great lighthouse. The harbour of Tindrem faces the Inner Sea to the north and is the most important trading site of Myrland

regarding trade with other continents.


In connection with the Conflux something which is called the Great Washout befell Tindrem. The name is disputed but it probably originates from when the foul-smelling tanneries and fisheries in the northern part of the city simply sank into the ocean. Another theory which has been proposed suggests that the name comes from when all kinds of abominations that had anonymously thrived in the sewer system were swept out to sea to the horror of the residents during the following flood.