Theurgy - The Spirit Edit

The Theurgy consists of those who are regarded as “knowledgeable and wise individuals who are a benefit and of use to the empire” and includes members of “approved” magisteria, sciences, religions and magic schools. Following the same manner as the other castes there exist a clear hierarchy which amongst others consist of Readers, Acolytes, Hierodules, Scholars, Vicars, Lawmen, Mages, Priests, Archimandrites, Elders as well as Arbiters, Archmages, Patriarchs and Matriarchs.

Within the Theurgy constant debates and disputes are held, the topics discussed range from questions regarding faith and science to what sub divisions should be included in the turbulent Theurgy caste or not. However, open fights and wars are rare, probably owing to the theoretical nature of the Theurgy caste, but when fighting does arise it is fought in the shadows by hired agents.

To belong to the Theurgy caste from birth at least one, or preferably both of one’s parents have to already be members of the Theurgy caste or another superior caste. Representatives of the Tricapita are chosen from the Theurgy class.