Tecton's Fault Edit

At some point in the ancient past the entire face of Nave changed drastically. The continents of Myrland, Sidoia, Sarducaa and Nordveld– once connected, were torn apart. The land mass split up into the continents as we know them now. Sidoia in the south-west, Sarducaa in the west, and Nordveld in the north-west fell apart from Myrland, as the tectonic plates of the southern hemisphere sunk several hundred meters into the ocean. This left a huge landmass fault and an enormous waterfall, hundreds of meters steep, between the Inner Sea in the north and the Coral Sea in the south, called Tecton’s Fault.

The former land bridge between Myrland and Nordveld became an island and enormous bridges were constructed to link the two continents again.
In the ages before the conflux the Kallards of Nordveld and the Tindremenes waged whole wars atop of Tecton’s Fault for control over the island itself and its strategically important bridges.