Rimfrost Stronghold Edit

The stronghold of Rimfrost was built centuries ago by Blainn craftsmen and engineers and is set inside and above Rimfrost‘s Gorge. Its defences are excellent and the strategic position over the pass make it virtually impossible to besiege it. The entrance to the pass is closed off by a massive defensive structure made of what looks like a single piece of polished Gabore.


Rimfrost Stronghold

It was the target of an attempted siege during the Nordveld Campaign. The Tindremenesfelt felt confident in their campaign since the Huergar architects had served them well before, for example in the construction of Tindrem, and their prowess in masonry was second to none. However when the Huergar architects arrived and realised that they were supposed to take part in fighting the Blainn they immediately refused. The planned efforts to persuade the individual Huergar by promising them the spoils of Rimfrost, or huge sums of gold, just insulted them and without further ado they all turned on their heels and marched back to Myrland. Both sides felt betrayed by the other. The Huergar were infuriated by being asked to fight their own and on top of that destroy a great piece of masonry and engineering. The consuls however couldn’t understand the principled squeamishness displayed by their old ally and felt that this betrayal had cost them their victory. Thus the alliance between the two peoples that had lasted for centuries was fractured.