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Half Orc Male

Thieves, traitors, beasts. The fear of the half orcs has brought them many undesirable names. As sons and daughters of the unspeakable crimes committed in the wake of a war, the half orcs' life stories are often stained by tragedies. The majority of the half orcs are doomed to roam aimlessly in a world where the full blood orcs look upon them as weaklings and the civilised world despise them as witless barbarians and fear their orcish heritage. However, few surpass them in strength and stamina, on the battlefield or in the arena, and the non-human heritage in their blood and mind make even veteran soldiers cautious.

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Tindremene Male

The Tindremenes are renowned for their history as conquerors. Before the Conflux the Tindremic Empire dominated large parts of the known world, with outposts in each and every corner of the realm. Those days of glory are over, but the Tindremenes still regard themselves as the finest and most advanced civilization in the world.

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Khurite Male

The Myrland steppeis is a vast area in the heart of Myrland that borders to the cold Talus Mountains to the north and to the tropical March Jungles in the south. They are barren lands where it hardly ever rains, with a very poor soil and on occasions a high salinity level where only very resistant vegetation can survive.

Veela Female

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Sidoian Male

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Kallard Male

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Sheevra Male

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Sarducaan Female

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Blainn Male

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