PvP Edit

What is PvP? Edit

PvP is Player versus Player. PvP in Mortal Online will be completely First Person, including melee, magic, ranged and mounted combat. Although there are laws in the world of Nave, that will not tolerate theft and murder (like Oblivion or Fable).

Full Loot Edit

There will be full loot in Mortal Online. If you kill something, you get everything. You can skin it, take anything it wears, take it's meat. Anything.

Stealth Edit

Stealth will be a combination of your skills as a player, combined with your character's skill. As the game developers can't represent every obstacle to hide behind, or every light source, there will be stealth in the game that is somewhat "magical". Likewise, detecting something or someone that is "hidden" is not entirely up to you, as one or two Skills might help.

Free for All PvP Edit

In MO, PvP will be free for all. You can hit and kill anyone you want. The only thing stopping you is killable guards in some town areas, yet it still is not full protection and the guards are not automatic.

Death Edit

When your body dies, your soul is set loose and steps halfway into a plane called the Ether World. As a disincarnate soul existing in both worlds at the same time, you have no physical belongings (they're left behind with your body) and you are very limited in what you can see, hear, and do. The same goes for people in the real world, as they have difficulties interacting with you. The Ether World is a very dangerous place for a Mortal Soul with rules of its own, and you will probably want to get back to your normal self as quickly as possible. To reincarnate, essentially get your body back, you must find a spirit channeler of some sort willing to help you. There will be no perma-death.