Guild Name

Focus Everything/RP-PvP
Recruiting Yes
VoIP TeamSpeak
Language English
Recruitment Thread

Server: (US: To be announced)

Voice: TeamSpeak

Guild category: RP-PVP Guild

Player Races: All Race Clan

Time zone:

Our guild already has active members playing nearly around the clock. We encourage our global membership, it helps us all to meet new friends and expand our horizons. Each time zone has a guild officer who oversees operations, to ensure effective guild administration.

Guild Requirements for Membership:

1) Abide by all the in-game rules and regulations for “fair game play”.

2) Respect your fellow players (even enemies).

3) Completion of the Membership Application form.

4) Main characters names must be in keeping with our guilds theme; names such as “L33tPwneR” would not be accepted for membership status.

NOTE: Most of there information is in the form of pictures. Please see their recruitment thread for more information.