Nobilitas - The Heart Edit

Belonging to the Nobilitas, or the Nobles are those who are related by blood to the imperial family, also known as Patricians. Also belonging to this caste are the Nobus, individuals admitted into the caste due to their large assets or “noble deeds”; which these days are not strictly limited and can be of any kind. The lives of the nobles of Tindrem consist of prestige and intrigues, where the ultimate goal is to raise one’s caste to a higher level on the social ladder using power struggles and schemes.

During the recent years there have been changes in the social rules and traditions within the Nobilitas caste, clear differences exist between the “young” and the “elders”. The elders care for the old order of things and for the time when the empire was a great power, while the young disregard the past and look ahead. Amongst the young the intrigues of the social ladder are more related to a strife for riches, extravaganza and vanity while according to the elders the scheming is about respect, power and the possibility to affect the future of the empire.

To belong to the Nobilitas caste from birth at least one, or preferably both of one’s parents have to already be members of the Nobilitas caste or another superior caste. It is from the Nobilitas that the trade and social guildsmust must elect representatives for the Tricapita.