Guild Name

Frostreaver Clan
Focus PvP/Conquest
Recruiting Yes
Language English
Recruitment Thread

  • The history talks a lot about our back story but currently the clan is eagerly awaiting Mortal Online. We are a PvP/conquest/empire focused clan with a smaller but no less important emphasis on crafting and PvE. The clan is currently focused on rebuilding our ranks and planning in preparation for the game. Recruitment is open so please apply.
  • Crush those who oppose us through active PvP. We can be a friend to many but those that do not yield will be run over. We don't taunt in chat but you will know we are there. Our deeds and acts cannot be ignored.
  • Treat clan members with dignity and respect.
  • Be on time to meetings and events.
  • Help members out.
  • Be focused but relaxed.
  • Members must log on to the website at least once a week and be active and knowledgeable in forum responses and conversation. This is a community just as active on our website as in-game, join in and participate!
  • Members must be active in-game. If no one knows you, you don't talk in the in-game chat, etc; you are not active enough. Swear we don't bite, well at least most of us.
  • All members must be on the ventrillo server when playing in groups and for meetings/events, even if it is just to listen. If you can play a modern MMO, you can run ventrillo. Come in and listen to the carnage.

  • All new recruits go through a 2 week trial period. They remain cannon fodder for those two weeks, until they get promoted. Die for the glory of the clan!!
  • Promotion to Member is given after the trial period based on acceptance into the clan proper. Acceptance in the clan is earned by us, The FRC, making sure you are not a bottom feeder. Overall feeling of members dictates this.
  • Elder Member is a rank bestowed on members that have shown loyalty and dedication to the clan. They are the elite of the membership and are well trusted and liked. Elder members are up for selection to be leaders of a warfare squad.
  • Captain promotion are handed out based on need for division leaders at the time of promotion. Loyalty to the clan, knowledge, activity, popularity, and etc are all required traits. They are are chosen by Guild Officer(s) and Guild Leader(s).
  • Promotions to Council are rare. To be promoted to a council member position takes a long term commitment, a multiple month membership in the clan minimum. Among other requirements. Which include expert knowledge of game mechanics and/or the ability to translate leadership ability effectively within a game environment.
  • Guild Leader. Promotions to Guild Leader are a gift from god to be cherished forever. A person that has to ask to be Leader will never be given it, ever.