Eeta – The Excrement Edit

Eeta is not considered a caste per se, it is more of a common name for those with no rights, also known as the Casteless or Untouchables. Belonging to Eeta is one step away from being

permanently banned from the Tindremic Provinces and Eeta is mostly constituted by convicted felons and outcasts such as native half orcs, the gravely ill, plague victims or those who suffer from a mental or physical handicap. They are all regarded as a potential risk towards the rest of society regardless if that is the case or not. Several Eeta have had their forehead badly burned with a symbol which displays their individual caste in order to prevent them from adopting a false identity. For example thieves belonging to Vispellio Thesauria, or Canacheni(body looters and grave-robbers, pickpocketers, burglars and treasure-thieves) are all burned with their respective mark when sentenced. Eeta who live in the city of Tindrem are banished to Vica Caducus, the Sinking City, and are not allowed to set foot on any other property in the capital.