Guild Name

Aegis Imperium
Leader [redacted]
Focus Empire Building
Recruiting Visit our forums & see Hodo in-game
IRC #aegis-imperium on
VoIP port: 36099
Language English
Recruitment Thread [OLD]


Aegis Imperium is a Mortal Online guild which was created from its forum community in June 2008. Since the guild went public in August 2008 and continued to flourish and grow, we participated heavily in the decoding of the "MO Counter" and, as a result, the reveal of the name of the MO World.

The Aegis Imperium is focused on creating a solid and tightly knit member base. Instead of creating a single way of thinking the Aegis Imperium encourages each person to retain the things that makes him unique. Currently the guild does not belong to any geographic region, and is split 50/50 between North America and Europe.

Mission of the Aegis Imperium

The guild seeks ultimately to solidify itself as an Empire within the world of MO, and to be at the forefront of all actions, political and historical. The secondary objective is to provide a stable environment for players choosing to take up residence within our territory. Since such actions require every single play style that exists, almost every single player no matter their background, or tendencies can forge out a part within the Imperium.


Guild members are selected through applications, or have an invitation extended in private. Citizens can become members of any cell they wish or are invited into, and have no real restrictions on what they can or cannot do. Anyone within the guild itself can create any cells to achieve any task.

Video Blog

We created a video blog dedicated to providing information and content surrounding the development of Mortal Online and its community.

AI Youtube Channel

Episode 0: Introduction
Episode 1: The
Episode 2: Encyclopedia
Episode 3: World of Nave
Episode 4: Concept Art
Episode 5: Flagging System

Counter Research